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Adoption Fees

Visiting the shelter is the best way to find the right pet to match your family's lifestyle.  Different animal breeds have different personalities and our Adoption Counselors can help you decide which animal is best for you. Spending time with an animal will give you a sense of the right match. Adoption Counselors are prepared to help you by discussing your lifestyle, family members, time for pets, etc.

Sometimes you may notice our puppies and kittens have different colors marked on the inside of their ears, this is for identification when we have kittens and puppies that look alike in litters. We want to make sure the right puppy and kitten go to the right homes. The color is non-toxic marker and will wash off or wear off in time.

Companion Animal Adoption Fees:

Puppies under 5 months - $275

Dogs 5 months and over - $175

Dogs 7 years and over - $125

Kittens under 5 months - $125

Cats 5 months and over - $50

Cats 7 years and over - $25

**Cats and Kittens are always adopt one, get one free**
**Cats, kittens, and small animals must leave the shelter in a carrier. Cardboard carriers are available for $5, if needed.**

Small Animal Adoption Fees:

Rabbits - $40
Guinea Pigs - $5
Rats - $5
Mice - $5
Hamsters - $5
Gerbils - $5
Ferrets - $65
Chinchillas - $65
Cockatiels and Love Birds - $10
Small Birds (parakeet, finch, canary) - $5

**Cages are not included in any adoption.**
**All bonded pairs must go home together - they will be adopt one get one free.**

Adoption is a lifelong committment, so before you adopt, please consider the following questions:

  *Can I afford the annual costs to a pet, which can easily run up to $400 a year, including food and medical care?
  *Am I willing to devote time to training my new pet?
  *Do I have time everyday to train, groom, exercise, and love a pet?
  *What type of pet will best fit into my lifestyle?
  *Will my landlord allow a pet?
  *What type of pet is most appropriate for children?

Happy Tails

Please send us your happy stories of adoption so that we can feature you on our web-site.
If you have a digital photo, you can email it directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you have a printed photo,
you can mail it to us, along with your story.

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