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Here at the Capital Area Humane Society, we are actively applying for grant funding that will not only assist our shelter and our Spay & Neuter Clinic, but we also constantly seek grant funding to offer assistance to the public. 

Please call us at (517) 626-6060 or (517) 908-0756 for questions on current grant funding and to schedule an appointment.

We have the following grants available: 


Funding for free spay and neuter of cats living in City of Lansing zip codes 48906, 48912, 48915, and 48933. Also includes a rabies vaccine and microchip, if needed.



Beat the Heat! $20 female cat spays during the month of February 2015 only. 

Bernice Barbour

$20 Pit Bull and Pit Bull mix spay and neuter beginning March 2015.


Sun Dec 07 @12:00PM - 03:00PM
Adoptable Animals at Petco in Frandor
Sun Dec 21 @12:00PM - 03:00PM
Adoptable Animals at Pet Supplies Plus in Okemos
Fri Jan 30 @ 4:00PM - 06:00PM
CAHS Animals at PetSmart in Okemos
Sat Jan 31 @12:00PM - 03:00PM
CAHS Animals at PetSmart in Okemos
Sun Feb 08 @12:00PM - 03:00PM
Adoptable Animals at PetSmart in West Lansing