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Surrendering an Animal

Scheduling an appointment
Animal entries are by appointment only. If you need to surrender an animal, please call (517) 626-6060 on the day you would like to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available daily on a first come, first served basis, depending on the space we have available for incoming animals. We do not schedule appointments for future dates, since we cannot predict the space we will have available.

Plan on your appointment taking 20-30 minutes. 

Entry fees: We require an entry fee for all animals surrendered to CAHS. The average cost of housing, spaying/neutering, vaccinating, heartworm/feline leukemia/FIV testing, and feeding each animal is $175 or more. The animal entry fee helps us cover a fraction of these costs. The following fees apply:

  • Adult dog, 5 months and older, NOT spayed or neutered - $40
  • Adult dog, 5 months and older, spayed or neutered - $30
  • Adult cat, 5 months and older - $20
  • Multiple adult cats - $20 for the first cat, $5 each additional cat
  • Single puppy or kitten (5 months and younger) - $20
  • Female dog with litter of puppies (5 months and younger) - $40 for mother, $5 for each puppy
  • Female cat with litter of kittens (5 months and younger)- $20 for mother, $5 for each kitten
  • Litter of puppies or kittens (5 months and younger) - $20 for the first animal, $5 for each additional animal
  • Rabbits, not spayed/not neutered - $25
  • Rabbits, spayed/neutered - $10
  • Ferrets - $10
  • All other rodents - $5 each
  • Birds - $10 to $20 based on size

Please note: all rabbits, rodents and birds must be surrendered with their cage and supplies.

Cat appointments:
We will draw a small amount of blood to test for feline leukemia and FIV. We will assess the cat's temperment and each cat will receive a physical exam. All cats must test negative for feline leukemia and FIV, must be easy to handle, and must be physically healthy. If the cat meets our requirements, we will accept the cat for potential adoption. Cat Owner Surrender Form 

Dog appointments:
All dogs 4 months of age and older will receive a behavior evaluation and physical exam. The behavior evaluation assesses the dog's response to basic handling, food/resource guarding, and how the dog interacts with other dogs. Dogs cannot show any signs of aggression and must be physically healthy. If the dog meets our requirements, we will accept the dog for potential adoption. Dog Owner Surrender Form

Rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamster, gerbils, birds, etc:
All small animals will recieve a physical exam before going up for adoption. Small animals must be healthy and easy to handle to go up for adoption. All small animals must be surrendered with their cage and supplies.
Ferret Owner Surrender Form
Rabbit Owner Surrender Form
Small Mammal Surrender Form

Owner-requested euthanasia: We provide owner-requested euthanasia for companion animals who are suffering due to old age or illness. We do not allow owners to be present for euthanasia. Owners may take the remains home for burial, or may leave them at the shelter for disposal. We also offer private cremation for additional fees. The fees for owner-requested euthanasia are:

  • Cats - $20
    • With CAHS caring for the remains- $40
  • Dogs under 50 lbs - $50
  • Dogs over 50 lbs - $80
  • Dogs over 100 lbs - $120
  • Feral Cat - $15
  • Rabbits, guinea pigs, other rodents - (PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING)

Have you found a stray animal? Please call your local animal control as we cannot accept stray animals. Ingham County: (517) 676-8370, Clinton County: (989) 224-5116, Eaton County: (517) 543-5755

Has your animal bitten a person? We cannot accept animals that have bitten and broken skin in the past ten days. The law requires that these animals be quarantined for 10 days to watch for signs of rabies.  If your animal has bitten, please call your county animal control to discuss your options.




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