The Capital Area Humane Society is proud to provide top-notch medical and behavioral attention to all animals in our care.

In some cases, the severity of an animal’s condition is such that we are required to seek assistance from other organizations to provide specialized care that we are not able to provide within our own facilities.

Donations to the Special Care & Cruelty Fund are restricted for use specifically for the care needed above that which CAHS can provide itself. Please note, money given to this fund cannot be used in the care we provide for hundreds of animals in need every day.

Here are some recent ways we’ve utilized money from the Special Care & Cruelty Fund:

  • Paid for urgent care, including thoracic surgery, on Booger, a cat who was shot through the chest with an arrow
  • Paid for repeated trips to a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment of Jackson, a dog who came to us with extensive hair loss and irritated skin
  • Paid soft-tissue surgeon to perform multiple skin grafts on Maltby, a cat who had been badly burned after he tipped a pot of boiling water on himself
  • Paid the surgical costs for a dog named Miss Bea, repairing her abdominal muscles to relieve the double hernia she’d lived with for years before arriving at CAHS

Click Here to donate to the Special Care & Cruelty Fund.